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Struggling to see our own reflection
Rivers of the tears we've shed in vain
Searching for a dream we have in common
Underneath the scars we are the same
Fighting for a cause has bettered nothing
Don't you think that love could light the way?
If we could escape from all the shouting
Maybe we could listen for one day

Aren't we all floating in the ocean?
Aren't we all standing in the rain?
Can't you see the world we built together?
Sharing in the sunshine and the pain

Someone has to be the one to show us
How lend a hand when we're afraid
After all, we're in this life together
We all get one try, and fade away
Pieces of the history we've written
Making what is human, we as one
If we share the burden, it gets lighter
Lifting all the clouds to show the sun

Do you seek the truth when no one tells it?
Do you pull away when hope gets close?
We all leave our open wounds untreated
Love can be the thing that hurts the most
But no one has to walk the road in silence
No one has to leave the home they knew
Somewhere in the flood our hearts went missing
But even in the rain the sun shines through


from A Song That Never Ends, released December 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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