Me, My Phobias, and I

from by Aviators



If only I could
Step out of this shell
I'd escape this do-it-yourself hell
And I'd stand up tall
Taller than the trees
And see the path that someone's cleared for me
Now wait a second
I'm scared of the dark
The sun has set now
I've watched the light depart
My feet are frozen
I'm terrified
I'm struggling
To fight my fear tonight

So how can I face my fears
If they're all out to get me
And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise
Will you make them all disappear
So there's no ghosts left to haunt me
It's just me, my phobias and I

I'm only human
There's monsters waiting there
I can't stand the sense of danger in the air
I'm not a hero
I'm so afraid
I've never solved a single problem I've made
Now wait a minute
In this haunted place
I think I see
Up there a ghastly face
I hear it whisper
It knows my fears
Do I have the courage
To make it out of here?

If ever there was
A moment I found
Myself useless
Then I would be now
But I've made it this far
Even if I'm lost
I'll gather my courage
Whatever the cost
Because what's the purpose
Of living this way
I'm feeling my doubt swell
But I push it away
I may be afraid
I may be bruised
But I'm feeling like a winner
So I can't lose

There's so much fear
So make it disappear
I'm not that strong
But you can try to prove me wrong


from Haunted House - And Other Stories, released October 21, 2014




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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