Where I Belong

from by Aviators



Where I Belong

Spent years waiting for the time
I'd let you see the truth behind
The things I've come to understand
Ten years to learn a simple fact
Now there's no more holding back
You've become part of who I am
I'd wait a thousand years for you
But I hope that I won't have to
Every moment without you I'm left incomplete

Take me in your arms
Because mine are wide open
I guess I could be wrong
But right now I'm hoping
You can understand the way I feel
Because my love is real
Don't you even think
Just use your heart and
Tell me what you feel
When we're apart and
I want to stay to keep you strong
By your side is where I belong

Feel the wind filling our sails
Hold on, I won't let this fail
I'm never going to let this moment pass
Hours turning into days
Maybe oments come and fade away
But somehow these feelings always last
And all I ask of you is this
When I hit and when I miss
Will you be the one to cheer me on
Will you be the one to

So on the journey we have left
I'll be here until my final breath
I'll give you every single day
I'll dedicate my life story to you
I'll give you something to hold on to
My heart is yours to take


from Mirrors (Deluxe Version), released October 8, 2013




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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