Writing on the Walls

from by Aviators



A deadened flame
We tried to fan
But nothing can change
If no one takes a stand
They would rebel
Safe at home
But we're outside
Their comfort zone
It's all unjust
And I feel I must
Take an action towards
A brighter day
Stuck in between
The world and the screen
Life will never go your way

We're writing on the walls
But no one's looking
We're fighting for the truth
And nobody cares
We're building something new
And no one's with us
We've answered the call
But nobody's there

A world untouched
By hands that care
We live in a ghost town
And no one's scared
I'm going to try
To raise my voice
Not to strike fear
But offer a choice
So we've come this far
This is where it starts
It's a wake up call
For what's true
And I'm so betrayed
By those too afraid
To fight for the goals we pursue

Not with power
But with peace
We'll be the voice
Of the very least
So don't fear them
Just stand behind
The truth you know
'cuz you know it's right
You're reblogs, your retweets, and your hate campaigns
Don't mean anything if you just complain
Enough silence, let's band with the restless few
If the driven rise, will they rise with you?


from From Oceans to Skies, released September 8, 2015




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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